Security Operation Center

A Security Operation Center (SOC) is a centralized function within an organization employing people, processes, and technology to continuously monitor and improve an

VantaForce can bring a human element to assess and mitigate threats rather than security leaders relying heavily on script.

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Cyber Threat

VantaForce proactively tracks and neutralizes internal and external adversaries who cannot be caught with other methods. internal and external adversaries who.

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Vulnerability scanning finds systems and software with known security vulnerabilities via a four-part vulnerability management process.

VantaForce will identify vulnerabilities, evaluate risk, treat vulnerabilities and report how they’ve been handled for future reference.

Vulnerability Scanning


VantaForce has highly trained pen testers with experience in numerous strategies including white box, black box, blind, double blind, internal and external tests. internal and external adversaries who cannot be.

A penetration test aims to identify weaknesses in specific system configurations and organizational processes and practices that can be exploited to compromise security.

Red Team

Red Team exercises take a comprehensive approach at the full spectrum of organizational policies, processes, and defenses in order to improve.

VantaForce will remove organizational blinders as an objective third party to provide valuable insights into vulnerabilities, efficacy of defense and mitigating controls in place now and in the future.

Red Team Exercises

Response (IR)

VantaForce proactively tracks and neutralizes internal and external adversaries who cannot be caught with other methods, sit do who cannot be caught with other.

Incident response (IR) is the systematic approach taken by an organization to prepare for, detect, contain, and recover from a suspected cybersecurity breach.

Recovery (DR)

An effective disaster recovery plan must be reviewed annually and updated as your business evolves should a catastrophic event occur.

VantaForce can help guide this process and most importantly, test the plan to ensure its success should a negative event occur.


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