Security Awareness

End users are the source of all kinds of problems, including malware infections. You need an awareness program that can be deployed immediately and protects your network.


Vulnerability Assessments

Unauthorized access to company resources using existing vulnerabilities is a serious security concern. Identifying and prioritizing vulnerabilities within your organization can be a daunting process.


Privacy & Compliance

State and Federal laws are now requiring organizations to make cybersecurity a top a priority. Cybersecurity has become as important as physical security when trying to defend a company.


Incident Planning & Response

When a cyber attack happens, time is of the essence. Responding quickly can help reduce damage to your secure environment. Prevention is a key part of an improved cybersecurity posture.



Our Founders come from many years of experience pioneering companies of technology services to become the leading cybersecurity services provider dedicated exclusively to cybersecurity and the practical management of cybersecurity risks. They came together with a single vision on how critical information security is to the future of technology, business, and even governance.


Supporting our client’s IT Security Lifecycle drives our business and our client infrastructure protection is our mission. We are an expert team of highly dedicated security specialists who possess deep passion for the work we do on a daily basis. We protect your people, data and brand against advanced threats and compliance risks.

Join the force

We are a company that is rapidly growing and is in a constant state of evolution. When you work at VantaForce, we ensure that your relationship with us will be both challenging and rewarding. We only want team members that are looking for big challenges and wish to work on new challenges every single day. We will give you the same level of commitment and loyalty that you give to VantaForce. Our team members have multiple industry certifications, years of experience, and all have great passion for the work that we do. And most importantly our team members have a deep sense of integrity and an unending passion for delivering on our commitments while having a positive impact on the world that we live in.