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What is CMMC?

The CMMC is the
Department of Defense’s
response to significant
compromises of sensitive
defense information located
on contractor’s information

Contractors will remain responsible for
implementing critical cybersecurity
requirements, but the CMMC changes the
paradigm by requiring third-party
assessments of contractor’s compliance
with certain mandatory practices,
procedures and capabilities that can adapt
to new and evolving cyber threats.

Who must
comply with

All DoD Contractors will eventually be
required to obtain a Cybersecurity Maturity
Model Certification (CMMC). This includes all
suppliers at all tiers along the supply chain,
small businesses, commercial item
contractors and foreign suppliers.

VantaForce can alleviate this compliance
burden on your behalf to help sustain your
business as a DoD Contractor.

The DoD predicts that it will
begin to include minimum
certification requirements in
RFIs as early as this summer
and in select RFPs in the fall
of 2020. They have also
indicated that a prime-level
certification requirement will
not necessarily be the
same certification level
required throughout its
entire supply chain for a
given contract.

How do I
get started?


Procedures and accreditors have
not yet been finalized. Early
preparation could result in a
more efficient assessment with
positive end results. 


Contractors should begin taking
immediate steps to clearly
document practices and
procedures with those
requirements that already comply
with CMMC practices or
processes and plan for.

Prime contractors

Prime contractors also should
begin working with subs
throughout the supply chain to
assist in developing compliance
programs where necessary or
reviewing programs already in place.

Why not wait to

An estimated
300,000 contractors
will need this certification
and finding service
providers late in the game to
assist with CMMC could be

Our team at VantaForce is ready now and
we have the personnel and resources to
assist you with all of your compliance and
service level needs.

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